Suitsupply’s reasonable alternative to Rubinacci


I wrote recently in praise of Mariano Rubinacci’s stunning pocket squares which are, in my opinion, unrivaled. They’re elegant; they’re iconic; they’re beautiful.

They’re also expensive.

So I’ve tracked down a reasonable alternative: Take a peak at Suitsupply’s Spring/Summer pocket square line.

I’m a huge fan of the Dutch menswear chain; I even have a made-to-measure suit from one of its London stores. Provided you’re into the  Italian Riviera look – and I very much am – the brand is a good, economical substitute for what may well be out of your price range on Savile Row.


And these three silk/cotton pocket squares – although no match for the vibrancy, colour, and quality of a Rubinacci – should be under serious consideration, given their price: a steal at £25.



One thought on “Suitsupply’s reasonable alternative to Rubinacci

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