Monsieur London


Raised in French craftmen families, Thibault and Valentin travelled the world together before starting their company, Monsieur London, in, well, London.

Their shared heritage shows: not only in the quality of the brand’s craft, but in its exotic sourcing.

Take the highlight of the range – its bag collection – hand-stitched in Colombia. The ‘Cartagena Whiskey’ weekender (below) is so luxurious in its finish that it wouldn’t look out of place amongst the beautiful colonial streets of Cartagena itself.


But there’s more to the brand than fine leather goods. Monsieur London stocks most of the men’s accessories you’d expect: ties, cufflinks, hats, belts, braces, and gloves. The only items that standout as missing are pocket squares and socks.

That said, the brand is looking to extend its collection over the coming years, so one can only assume – and indeed look forward to – these essential items being added to the portfolio. If the rest of Monsieur London‘s line is to be taken as a measure, it’ll be worth the wait.


(Left to right: ‘Olderfleet Blue‘, ‘Kinbane‘, ‘The Oval‘)

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