Pocket square-meets-art: Genius or waste?


I confess: I love pocket squares. I’m head-over-heels crazy for them. Paisley, polka dot, or plain; presidential, puff, or peaked  – wearing a pocket square is the pinnacle of sartorial craft, adding a dazzling flash of colour to an otherwise demure outfit, or gently tying together a bold get-up.

But can a pocket square be too intricate? After all, no matter what fold you opt for, even the most eccentric will only display a suggestion of the square’s overall print.

The Mariano Rubinacci shown here is a great example. (In fact, it’s worth looking at the entire collection here.) Beautiful, as a word, is inadequate to describe this piece, ‘Real Sito Di Capodimonte‘ – an unmitigated a work of art.

But at €70.00 before VAT, is the investment justified?

Yes. There’s no denying that your company will miss out on the full show, unless of course you remove the square for ‘practical reasons’ (seriously, who mops up a spill with a €70.00 rag?) But the beauty of such a piece is that it can be manipulated in so many ways.

The combinations, in terms of colour and presentation, are almost limitless, depending on the fold. Hell, you could even use the black edging in a presidential fold for a formal occasion (though you’d be a brave man to turn up to a black tie event with a horse and crown popping out of your breast pocket!)

For me, then, pocket-square-meets-art is genius and I’ll be making sure there’s at least one in my wardrobe for a day at the races this summer. Geometric patterns may still rule your staple collection, but having a wild card in reserve never hurt.





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