Inspiration. Deliberation. Symposium.

Starting a blog is tough, isn’t it? I don’t necessarily mean getting a blog off the ground; cultivating a readership, that sort of thing. (Though, to be sure, that’s more difficult still.) What I mean to say is starting a post; starting your first post.

So here is mine. And that, above, is how I started.

This clumsy collection of words is testament to my neurosis, or at least compulsion to rake over the details again and again. And then some. And that, in a roundabout way, is sort of what I’m doing here in the blogosphere. Only I’m not so much concerned with words as I am with style – which is just another means of expressing oneself, so I suppose you could say an extension of the written word. (See what I mean.)

Ultimately, my problem is that I couple an expensive taste for fashion with a relatively low-paid job; when I volunteer to part with £300 for a pair of shoes, the decision I make is not taken as lightly as it might by those in the Square Mile or Lincoln’s Inn.

And so the process goes: inspiration, deliberation, symposium. Inspiration because what is fashion but a social construction to be admired, mimicked, and developed? Deliberation because, to put it bluntly, I can’t afford to fuck up with a faux pas. And symposium because I wish discuss. With you.

So that is my raison d’être. Make of it what you will. I’ll be sharing my favourite images, items, and inspirations. I hope there will be at least a few who care to hold a symposium.



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